The primary electrical system is 110/220 volt for a 50 or 60 cycle. Power sources include two 50 amp shore power cords, two 20 kw Onan generators and a 25 kw hydraulic generator. The shore power system has stepping transformers and can operate with either American or European power systems.

The secondary system is 110v 60 cycle with power supplied from a 2,200 amp 12 volt battery bank utilizing two 2,500 watt Trace inverters and a 20 kw Onan generator (or the primary electrical system). With natural ventilation, CANIM can run silent for 8-10 hours on her batteries.

The tertiary electrical system is 32 volts DC for the main engine starting and backup pumps for all systems. The bridge’s electrical system has an additional backup 12 volt battery and a separate 1,500 watt inverter. It also has several UPS units.

CANIM was completely rewired in 2002 during her refit.