Canim is outfitted, with the latest in advanced marine electronics.

The electronics suite is comprised of a fully integrated and networked system of four displays which are operated as a touch screen glass bridge along with two smaller color information displays for autopilot and ship's systems sensors.  Any function can be accessed or displayed on any touch screen.  Pages on a screen can be swiped or exchanged to yield new screens of information.  The larger displays are 19" and all displays can simultaneously display multiple navigation charts as well as the radar information from one or both radar sources.  This includes overlaying or presenting information side by side.  There are also auxiliary mounted controls to access the system via joystick and or buttons and knobs when required such as in heavy seas.

Canim's dual radar units back up each other to provide redundancy but also offer individual synergistic capabilities to the network.  The 6 foot open array, long range 72 mile radar is a high power, high definition color radar that has the ability to punch through inclement weather with excellent target discrimination.  The close-in, 48 mile radar is a pulse compression chirp unit with low power emission.  It is not blinded by radio emission bangs types of radar and therefore can detect targets at exceptionally short distances of even 50 feet. 

The top of Canim's wheelhouse is fitted with a networked PTZ, dual payload, thermal infrared night vision camera along with a daylight visible camera.  In the engine room there is another thermal infrared camera and visible light camera to detect problems before they are an issue.  In the engine room, the historic Cummins engines have been fitted with sensors that report engine data to the network, and are  monitored over the displays.  In the same manner information from the chirp sonar relays depth and the anemometer reports wind speed along wind direction provided by a wind vane, into the network which is universally shared.

Canim's electronics and its electronics networks are scalable and can be expanded as new features become available....